Thursday, September 07, 2006

What's all this about Chelsea Clinton?

If Popbitch is to be believed she's having threesomes with her 2 bodyguards.

They're a pretty reliable source and normally if it's libellous they'll couch it in non-libellous terms, but no, here's the text from the weekly Popbitch email in full.

''US newspapers claim to have a story that Chelsea Clinton has been getting, er, serviced by her two Secret Service minders. At the same time. The man and woman appointed to protect the ex-First Daughter are said to be in trouble for taking that to mean they should get this up close and personal with their charge. So far the threesome are keeping quiet but with US service personnel getting blown up on a daily basis, shouldn't we just be happy that some of them are just getting blown?''


Span Ows said...

Now this IS news...I wonder what daddy thinks!...well we know, don't we...I bet they didn't assign female secret service agents to him!

"Sorry maam, we need to do a full body search"

Curmy said...

Like Father, like daughter !

Les Paul Junior said...

Looking at the picture, she seems to like fantasising about it as well!

Anonymous said...

Dunno, six. But I'm sure you have some comment on loose American women to make.

IsobelMagsBuchan said...

Go for Chelsea. Might as well make the situation work for you.

Now how do I persuade Mr Mags that i need body guards?

IsobelMagsBuchan said...

Good for Chelsea, I meant.

Anonymous said...

Actually, since Six is a racist, it is no shock to find him a sexist too. Bigots tend to travel in packs.

Come on, then, Six. Just waiting for your fascinating commentary on American womanhood.

Or could it be that, like your racist comments about Americans in Grenada demonstrate your lack of knowledge of 300 million people that you so casually generalised about, you know fuck all about American women?

Oh, surely not?

IsobelMagsBuchan said...

Anon, identify yourself or are you a coward? Nobody cares what cowards say.

Lucy said...

These Anon wums really are so boring aren't they Mags.
Six do zap them - its so tedious with them here.

Six Years Late said...

Anonymous, I know who you are. If you have been reading a post from 5th January I can only assume you've read quite a lot else.

Taken as a whole therefore, would you still like to call me, sexist, racist and anti-American. You can if you like, that's your prerogative of course, but they're easy accusations to make and very difficult to refute, so before I defend myself, I'd like you to restate your accusations.

Curmy said...

Oh God, I hope it's not Wendy, or C L&D !

Paul said...

Are her minders blind? What a dog!

Anonymous said...


Six, I have come to apologise to you in public, since my onslaught was in public.

First, I would just like to clarify a couple of points. I knew you would know who I was. I told David yesterday how upset I was by your two blog entries, and I know that he mentioned it to you. Secondly, I haven't actually read all that much of your blog - I googled to find it the other day, and I had a screen of it that listed about 10 entries, including those two.

Nevertheless, I would like to apologise for the chronic lapse of etiquette in my intemperate comments. I was unnecessarily aggressive, and I regret that. Describing to you the red mist of anger that descends in the face of (perceived) racism cannot excuse the immoderate tone or language of my comments.

What I have read of your other entries actually makes me think that you are a decent person, a good one, in fact. This, ironically, is what makes entries such as the two that I refer to especially hurtful. When I find myself subject to (perceived) racism from even the decent people, the world seems like a pretty lonely place.

There is no such thing as "casual" racism. It is always potentially hurtful, it is always cruel. You do not know me, but you dehumanise me with comments such as those you made. You subject me, my children, my parents, my siblings, my friends to hateful stereotypes. What are you, one of the good guys, doing that for?

Anyway, you obviously did not write it for American eyes. I can just ask you to be more aware, but this is your personal blog and I probably have no right to come here and comment on your views.

Again, I am sorry for being abusive.


Doktor Skum said...

all this apologising and kissing and cuddling is lovely. The idea of chelsea clinton spit roasted between two security guards is also a lovey thought.

Anonymous said...

Ah Doktor - I could add something along the lines of "it won't be the only time this year that Chelsea comes third," but people would take it the wrong way.

Lucy said...

Blimey Sarah, you certainly let it all out there!
Its left me wondering why you feel so strongly about what Six has written, what injustices you personaly have faced?
Sure he, like any of us can say things which when taken in isolation can seem insensitive but he must have inadvertently touched a very sensitive nerve.

IsobelMagsBuchan said...

A question with apologies if out of order but it is something that is troubling me. Since when have 'Americans' been a race? I always thought that Americans were from the country that is the USA, which has a population that has origins with most if not all, the races on the planet but were not in fact a race in their own right.

I know those two posts to which sarah refers, the two written about the holiday in Grenada, which if taken in the context of when and why they were written and of how decent Six appears to be as a human being, are just honest accounts of experiences undergone.

I'll but out now. Sorry if I have stepped on any toes, the intentions are for the best not the worst.

Curmy said...

If any body goes on holiday, and sees tourists there from another country not behaving particularly well, surely they're entitled to comment on it , without someone jumping to conclusions about the person's character in general.

Lucy said...
Yep the great wikipedia[!] but I found it an intersting read.
"The attitude of imposing a limited notion of masculinity (gender) on males (sex) and a limited notion of femininity (gender) on females (sex). "

I guess by this definition we are all sexist at some point on some issue or other, no?

Six Years Late said...

Racism is a pretty pejorative term for what is an isolated case of anti-Americanism.

You yourself will know exacly the type of package tour cruiser I was referring to that were hopping on and off their towns on water. Just like the nightmare Magaluf package tour Brit these US citizens are the type that reinforce the stereotype.

Stereotypes are normally a fairly accurate refelection of the worst aspects of the subjects character and I'm afriad my judgement has been coloured by this reinforcement.

Doesn't mean I hate Americans, it meant I was wary of most Americans we came across on that holiday, but that was probably as we chose the wrong beaches to be on.

Apologies if it was hurtful, looking back it is mean to be more satirical than bile filled, it wasn't meant to be offensive.

Can I just point out for balance:

I can laugh at my own countrymen you know