Tuesday, September 05, 2006

''Soaring cathedrals of sound''

I thought the excesses of the affected music journo had died out in the 80s. Apparently I'm very wrong. Reading a review of Scritti Pollitti's recent album White Bread, Black Beer on Pitchfork.com I couldn't help but laugh at the following:

''What’s remarkable is the depth at which Gartside was able to absorb and recreate r&b and soul. The music wasn’t just an influence on him; he became a part of it, and even exerted some small vanguard influence on it himself. His band became the test lab for soft, swooning, upwardly-mobile 1980s fern-bar soul-- you know, the kind of complex, jazz-inflected blue-eyed r&b that strips out everything but the pure dreamy sweetness of the form.''

All together now. Deep breath...



Paul said...

What I couldn't understand is that in Culture with The Sunday Times they listed his Top Ten songs and didn't include "The Sweetest Girl." - that's like naming the Smiths best of and ignoring "How Soon is Now?"

Span Ows said...

...fern-bar soul...hahahahahaha...hey, that vguy who did the write-up, I think he does the same for paintings/works of art...you know, how they express the angst of the blackman's struggle against white oppression etc....describing a brick.