Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas one and all

Hello all. A belated Happy Christmas to you all. I can report that it's all going extremely well. I've had the in laws here for 6 days now and not a cross word yet. It's all down to the military planning that Nic's put in and everything's running like clockwork as a result.

One of the nicest things is that Eben's not even half way through his presents yet. We took a view this year that he should just get a couple of things on the day and then we'll go hunting for a couple a day that Father Christmas has hidden round the house.

It's been lovely to have some time off and spend it with the family. I feel like I've had a lot more time to get to know Louis. Anyway, I'll try an d get back and blog a little more after Christmas. Things have settled in to a nice routine with work so I'll have a bit more time.

Have a fabulous time people and see you in 2007.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Just when you think 'at least the stats are on your side'

You know I'm a geek right. Well if you didn't, then please forgive me for the following. I was having a quick look at the health of our top order this evening and found that the top 5 in our unit at the mo. are in extremely good nick.

Strauss 44.64 33 Tests
Cook 49.53 11 Tests
Bell 46.57 20 Tests
Collingwood 47.64 17 Tests
KP 51.75 20 Tests

Granted they've played only a few tests so far, but despite that when was the last time we had a top order that all averged 45 and above. I can almost guaratee you that it's never happened and yes I know I'm not taking account of covered pitches, bigger bats, shorter boundaries, less dangerous trousers etc etc. yawn. My brother called the easy batting argument right the other day. He said 'I don't know about batsmen having a field day at the moment, but the stattos definitely are' (made me laugh)

Then I looked at the Aussies:

Langer 45.93 102 Tests
Hayden 52.83 86 Tests
Ponting 60.98 107 Tests
Martyn 47.20 67 Tests
Hussey 77.41 13 Tests


By the way if Punter ends his career with that average (and there seems no reason why he won't seeing as he appears to be getting better with each match he plays), he'll be second on the all time list behind the Don (of course).

P.S. I'm ignoring Hussey that'll come down - at least i bloody hope it does.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Collingwood nails on his MBE

In the aftermath of last years Ashes Paul Collingwood along with the rest of the England team who took part in that most amazing of series recieved national honours for services to cricket.

Now it could be argued that Collingwood's beligerant 10 runs in the second innings at the Oval provided KP the breathing space to take Brett Lee to the cleaners after the lunch break on the final day of the final test, just when England were in danger of getting skittled and then losing the game. However on the face of it Paul Collingwood MBE had scored 17 runs in that test and at the end of the series stood with stats of played 3, innings 6, Runs 106, High score 36, Average 17.67.

Spin on 14 months and Paul Collingwood having along with Pietersen and arguably Bell been the only stand out bats in a woeful Brisbane Ashes performance stands at the end of day 1 of the 2nd test in Adelaide, at 98no. the glue of a gritty England statement of intent.

Looks like he's decided to earn that MBE postumously. Good on yer lad, keep gritty and try and rub some in to your Geordie mate Harmy