Friday, December 01, 2006

Collingwood nails on his MBE

In the aftermath of last years Ashes Paul Collingwood along with the rest of the England team who took part in that most amazing of series recieved national honours for services to cricket.

Now it could be argued that Collingwood's beligerant 10 runs in the second innings at the Oval provided KP the breathing space to take Brett Lee to the cleaners after the lunch break on the final day of the final test, just when England were in danger of getting skittled and then losing the game. However on the face of it Paul Collingwood MBE had scored 17 runs in that test and at the end of the series stood with stats of played 3, innings 6, Runs 106, High score 36, Average 17.67.

Spin on 14 months and Paul Collingwood having along with Pietersen and arguably Bell been the only stand out bats in a woeful Brisbane Ashes performance stands at the end of day 1 of the 2nd test in Adelaide, at 98no. the glue of a gritty England statement of intent.

Looks like he's decided to earn that MBE postumously. Good on yer lad, keep gritty and try and rub some in to your Geordie mate Harmy


Anonymous said...

You're ignoring the contribution he makes in the field !

The MBE thing was laughable though. Still he's playing a blinder at the moment. I always said that he should be in the side as we needed a grafter mid order. Hopefully they;ll see of the second new ball and we'll go into lunch with maybe just the one wicket down and another 100 on the board. A good few rruns should give Freddie a feeling of freedom and take some responsibility from his shoulders.

Prediction - (and I;m so crap at this it's untrue) 550 by the last session and then put 'em in to bat for 40 minutes.

Actuall outcome - skittled on the first morning but a defiant reaguard action by Giles and Harmison takes us to nearly 400.

Six Years Late said...

Godness David you must have got considerably better mate. Who'd have thought it first doubl in Oz for an Englishman since wally hammond

Anonymous said...

Outstanding. Last time and Englishman scored a double in a test in Oz Jesse Owens had just won a series of golds in the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Well that went well.