Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ships that argue in the night

Well, 2 children has really kicked like a mule. Nicky's finding things extraordinarily difficult at the moment. Eben's a handful, to put it lightly. It doesn't help that everyone tells us he's unusually hard work, he's 2 and a half and is unwilling to do anything that isn't on his own terms. Louis is a dream baby, if he wasn't I'm not quite sure how Nic would cope, she's only just managing as it is.

Problem is I'm being next to useless, nothing I'm doing seems to be relieving any of the pressure and the smile seems to have left Nic's face permanently. Problem really all comes down to tiredness, if we had more sleep we'd be able to cope better.

I'm seriously doubting whether the 4 children we had in mind will ever become a reality, i'm not sure we'd survive.

Been busy

Sorry for the lack of blogging. A combination of new baby, ongoing new business drive and trying to save a conservation area behind my house has prevented me posting. I will add something soon, when I'm not completely shattered.