Thursday, September 28, 2006

I must have some booze. I demand to have some booze

Withnail and I is 20 years old next year. IMO still the finest British comedy of all time and without a shadow of a doubt Richard E Grant's finest performance. Playing an alcoholoic smoker when you're allergic to alcohol is a pretty tough call, but Grant did it with aplomb. As a celebration they're bringing out an anniversary DVD. Get it.


Gavin Corder said...

Love the film.

A confession: I always had a bit of a hankering for Withnail's coat...

vodka-and-coke said...

it's the saveloy that gets me every time.

And the pure unadulterated child's piss.

Matt said...

Fantasic film, and so many quoteables!

"Don't threaten me with a dead fish."

Paul said...

The funny thing about this is that it's popularity is purely down to Channel 4 and word of mouth. I've got a copy of the script somewhere, not that you need it as the other posters have shown we all know the lines:

"You're incapable of indulging in anything but pleasure. Am I not right?"

Rupe said...

Well, I'm on my own here.
I watched the DVD last week, loaned by a friend.

Everything was fine until they got to the country, were hungry, found a live chicken....I nearly fainted as I thought I knew what was coming next, and I turned it off.

Anonymous said...

Ah my favourite.

So many great great lines - 'I mean to have you boy even if it must be burglary'

Have you ever played the drinking game ?

vodka-and-coke said...

love the drinking game idea - some of my peers at university were into it...."a pair of pints" and "bring me a selection of the finest wines known to humanity".

I was on the tube once with someone shouting lines from Monty Python. Am beginning to sound equally sad so will stop now.