Thursday, September 21, 2006

Get well soon Hamster


IsobelMagsBuchan said...

I must admit that until 8am this morning I didn't have a clue who this man was. Then my daughter started crying. Turns out he does all those Brainiac programmes on Sky with Jon Tickle. Daughter adores those programmes.

Les Paul Junior said...

A very likeable chap : I hope he recovers soon. What I want to know is what is a "good" recovery as opposed to a "full" one?

Lucy said...

That he should be able to lead and 'independent' life, but perhaps not quite such a full life.
He wil have some 'scars'

Six Years Late said...

Are you sure Lucy, because I just read something that said he didn't have any recognisable injuries as he was flown to hospital.

Lucy said...

Well no I'm not sure but the phrase 'suffered significant brain injury' is on the BBC page.
Lets hope I'm proved to be wrong.

Les Paul Junior said...

The phrase was used on BBC News 24 late last night.

The trouble is it doesn't actually tell you that much.

Matt said...

Considering the speed involved he's lucky to come out as well as he did, really hope he pulls though.

For all those caravans blown up on Brainiac, I would have put money on that being his first accident!

The Great Gildersleeve said...

I think I heard that he has no broken bones but has a black eye. They said he did not respond much in hospital but when Clarkson said said "Your driving is crap!" a smile came onto his face.

They've moved him into a different part of the hospital now.

I hope that they can train his brain(if damaged)so as much use as possible can be achieved but it may be that he is slower or some physically problem may now be caused by the brain not working as it should.

I always remember how Leslie Crowther was affected. He never ever managed to return to public life.

He may need some physiotherapy

Rupe said...

It's such a shame..but what a shocking risk, he'd had little training in that machine.
Lovely man.
Signifcant brain injury is bad, just read the The Times Doctor's thoughts.
Sounds awful, great personality.
Hope he recovers well.

Paul said...

Strangely enough Gildy - a black eye is sometimes the sign of internal bleeding as well as external bruising - my grandmother taught me that.