Friday, September 22, 2006

I want to watch Dumbo

Having managed to avoid TV altogether, we finally caved in with Ebs about 5 months ago (when Louis was born).

He still only watches videos (yeah remember them) and DVDs and even then only about 15 or 20 minutes a day. OK so it was about 2 and half hours at the weekend when we were hungover.

But in the main we've kept it very low key and until the last couple of weeks we haven't had any telly tantrums.

We recently had some neighbours move out with their 15 and 17 year old kids and became the inheritors of the kids' videos. Then when our new next door neighbours arrived we inherited their 13 and 15 year olds' videos. Flicking through we actually got some crackers.

Anyway we started off with a revisitation of Jungle Book, which in my opinion is possibly the finest Disney movie ever made, it's definitely got the best score and Eben loved it, but last weekend we thought we'd take a look at Dumbo.

Neither of us had seen Dumbo as kids, so we were watching it for the first time ourselves. What a crock of disjointed crap. It's bloody awful. Both Nic and I hated it. Problem is Eben loves it and this morning I had a proper huff when I wouldn't let him watch it. Yes I would rather he was doing a jigsaw, but more selfishly, I didn't want to sit through the interminable mess of a movie.


Rupe said...

Six, I also love Jungle Book, there are some scenes which make me melt into total joyful delight.

Hoop de Doo..I want to be like youhooo,,,,wonderful...and those 3 vultures...just brilliant.

In fact, glad you reminded me...I'll get the DVD. My video player has done a wobbly.

Gavin Corder said...

it's just the... bear necessities, the simple bear necessities, don't worry about your trouble and your strife...

Damn you and curse you to blazes Six! I'll be humming all afternoon now!

Six Years Late said...

I've been humming it for about 5 weeks so 1 day won't hurt you.

Curmy said...

Ha, you've had it now Six ! Good luck with letting him watch only what you think is good for him !

Lucy said...

Hmm I have to echo curmy here. the TV conundrum can cause so much heart ache. I think my post baby blues were compounded by watching teletubies with them!
I felt like I was giving in when I left them to it to watch a movie for as long as they wanted. But as ever once they sensed that the battle was over, its magical pull waned and they were quite happy to get on and do something else later on.

IsobelMagsBuchan said...

I hated Dumbo too!

The problem with young children is they adore repetition not just with ordianry stuff but with films too. My daughter must have watched "Rugrats in Paris" about 100 times and I do not exagerate. She knows every word and every song. Same goes for Mary Poppins although she might have only watched that about 80 times.

I tried to restrict viewing but in the end I gave up and I am glad I did. I realised that they would watch something for about 20 minutes and then wonder off and do something else instead. Or they would do something as well as, such as a jigsaw or colouring, sticking and glueing and the TV/Film was merely audible wallpaper in the same way as the radio is for me.

Lucy, that reminded me of the "where were you when you heard Princess Do was dead" question. I was fast asleep that Sunday morning. Son had crept downstairs and put the TV on. A little hand shook me. "Mom, mom, teletubbies isn't on TV this morning". It's 6.10am. I get up go downstairs and sure enough Teletubbies has been cancelled and so has every other children's TV programme because Di is dead. I put a video on for him and lay on the sofa for a while!

Yes I'm a very bad mother indeed.

Augustus said...

About three months ago Bravo re-ran the 1960s Spiderman cartoon that I have very fond summer holiday memories of. "Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can" - that one...

I Sky Plussed (?) it and just couldn't believe how poor it was. It must have cost five bucks an episode.

With the exception of Jungle Book I have had a long and abiding loathing of alll things Disney. Its the combination of contrived cuteness and multinational cynical bastards that gets me reaching for my gladius. That may be because one of my earliest memories is being dragged screaming with fear from the local cinema when Pinnochio started to turn into a donkey but its more likely that I'm just a miserable tosser.

Augustus said...

:-( Glad to see no-one has dived in to refute the claim that I'm a miserable tosser. Now I really am... :-)