Thursday, September 07, 2006

Big grown-up boy

Eben started pre-school on Monday. He's going for a couple of mornings a week to begin with and that'll probably increase after a term or so.

He's changed amazingly over the past few weeks, many of his previous nervous tendencies have become much less so. He was previously terrified by dogs, but is now happy to stroke them. He warms up to strangers far more quickly than he used to and his comprehension has come on in leaps and bounds, he's a total sponge at the moment.

As a result our worries that he'd find being left alone hugely traumatic appear to have been unfounded.

Nic stayed with him for around 40 minutes, day 1 and around 20 minutes, day 2. Although he appeared a little reticent about her leaving, he did happily go off with one of the members of staff and come Tuesday morning when I was getting him dressed he couldn't have been more excited. It's very reassuring, I'm glad we took the decision for Nic to give up work 18 months ago, it's turned, what was a very nervous little boy in to one with far more confidence.


Uncle Rupert said...

What a gorgeous little boy.

Six Years Late said...

Thanks Rupe and welcome. Now you and Curmy need to sort it out and get your own blogs methinks.

Span Ows said...

Yes, mum at home is what kiddiewinks need. My ex didn't work either...and still doesn't!! :-(

(no probs with that really)

Curmy said...

Oh bless him, what a little Angel.

Curmy said...

Six, he's a credit to you both.
Span, I don't mean to be critical, but from what you have told me (unless I've got it wrong) your wife is bringing up your 4 children virtually by herself, which I know from being married to someone in the Forces, ia emotionally and physically draining.
If I've got hold of the wrong end of the stick, I apologise.

Les Paul Junior said...

My eldest was a very nervous little girl until she went to Nursery : it really brought her out of her shell.

Uncle Rupert said...

Six, If I had a blog (I am computer illiterate) I'd be sued , and end up with a knife in my back.
So it's just as well I am dim with technology.

Curmy is much cleverer and I agree she should have a blog.
I just enjoy yours, Gavins, Gildy's
and Augustus' and the others I've forgotten to mention.

Curmy said...

Rupe, I'm not bright when it comes to computers, I'm dim as a Naafi candle !

Paul said...

It's always the parents who worry about the first day at school or pre-school.

Most of the kids can't wait to get going. When I went with Nathalie on her first day she forgot Janis was with us and had to come back to give her Mum a kiss.

He looks happy as Larry Six - isn't parenthood great!

IsobelMagsBuchan said...

I can't believe they let Nic stay. I've experienced three different nurseries at schools and none of them would let a parent through the door for the first few weeks, so that the parents didn't upset the children! Both of mine adored Nursery School and couldn't understand why they were not allowed to stay all day.