Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The right man for the job?

I never had childhood heroes. No one that really stands out. Then last year Freddie stepped up, with the black marker pen on his scalp, his arms outstretched, that 'tongue out' nod. That 34 over spell split over two days, at the Oval, in which he took 5 for 78. The handshake with Brett Lee. That over to take both Langer and Ponting down and leave Oz at 48 for 2. The 102 at Trent Bridge. The 73 at Edgbaston. The man was a god. Bacchus to be precise. While Vaughan set the odd fields and psyched the ozzies out, Flintoff just magnetised the team and the nation, the passion came flooding from him and went with him.

So why make him captain this time round? It is not possible for a man to be a more galvanising influence than Flintoff already is. He can't gee the players up more, make them more up for it than he does, so why make him think about it. His form can only be adversely affected with the captaincy around his neck.

Give it to Strauss, he's proved he can play the big innings whilst captaining the side. He may not be the tactical genius Vaughan quite patently is, but he has captain written all over him.

I can't help thinking they've made the wrong decision.


Anonymous said...

I agree entirely. It's just too much and it;s not like Strauss wasn't doing a good job (although I would have said something different after the Sri Lanka one day games).

We've got a real who to drop problem if Freddie is fit too.

Paul said...

I agree Six - the more I've been thinking about it - and your post on my blog - the more I'm convinced they've got it wrong.

I just don't believe Freddy has a tactical bone in his body - if things start going wrong he'll bring himself on and flog himself to death.

Doktor Skum said...

I agree with all these things. I was once in nottingham waiting for the chunder bus. I dropped 20p and followed it as it rolled down the street . It hit a guy on the boot and i picked it up. He then accused me of pinching his money and i was surrounded by a group of about 5 lads all backing their enormously pissed mate up. Twats. Or scabs as we tykes like to refer to them as.

Doktor Skum said...

Yes. Strauss is the man. I watched us get dicked over all day by sri lanka on the sunday at one of thoose london grounds. Dreadful uninspiring bowling. Awful it was.