Thursday, January 05, 2006

Those Golf Sale signs?

I've never actually followed one so I've never actually seen the golf sale shop. It's always made me wonder 'Are they all pointing towards the same huge and on-going Golf Sale?'


Span Ows said...

that's where, not content with selling you just the car boot, they sell you the whole thing.

I'll get my coat...:-(

flyingfinn said...

It's one of life's many mysteries, Six. I don't think we're meant to know.

missbonnielass said...

Golf ....
balls .... kiss them before you tee off ..... brings you luck

so they say ;)

Span Ows said...

I wish I could kiss mine!

Kayfer Kettle said...

There was one of these sales in Windsor for about 3 years!

The young Polish/Albanian/Bosnian lads would stand all day, leaning on the humongous sign, walkman in ears, mates strolling up for a pow wow. Boring, but good enough; a fair day's graft really.

The thing was, the shop where the 'sale' was perpetually being held, was a mere 20 feet away!

Me thiinks there were sneakings in for a warm up!!!

K x

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