Thursday, October 27, 2005

New directions

I had one of those nights a couple of nights ago. I went to bed early (Ebs is waking up at 5 at the moment so trying to mitigate extreme tiredness) and it was a terrible idea. I wasn't ready for bed at all and I lay there and started thinking. Now normally this results in my mind wandering off to being the best fast bowler to set foot on a cricket field, or the invention of a double ended dildo concept - Oh sorry no that was Nicky's dream the other night - but not Tuesday night. I actually came up with what I think is a completely feasible business concept. So after mulling it over until 1am I got up and wrote an outline business plan until 4am at which point I went to bed got an hour - before Eben woke up.

You know what I was saying about being happy and chilling out. I lied, I couldn't kick back if I tried. So off I go again, another flight of fancy.


Kayfer Kettle said...

Hey Six,

You know, being happy is not necessarily about being chilled.

It's also about a sense of achievement and movement and 'fizz'.

IMHO, it's a happy man that can sit alone in the dark, poring over ideas that excite him, and still be functioning like a semi-human after only 60 minutes sleep!

K x

P.S. Tell Nicky I like the cut of her cloth!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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