Monday, October 31, 2005

It's that time of year...

...Halloween and Guy Fawkes. Two nights that should be full of family fun and yet again have been hijacked by resentfullness and greed.

1. In Sainsbury's tonight I watched as 3 children - the oldest of whom I would imagine was 14 - bought fireworks from a salesperson who did not seem in the least bit interested in their age.

2. I have just come away from the door having been trick or treated by two I'd say 10 year olds. They like all the other children who came to the door tonight got a small packet of maltesers and a mini aero each. Both of them looked like I'd placed a dog turd in their hand. I can only summise they wanted money and they had been on the go since they left school to extract as much cash out of the area as possible.

Having said all that, Eben looked fab in his scary ghost costume with mini pumpkin lantern in hand. Woooooooooooo!!


Span Ows said...

Hi six, couldn't agree more, I call it americanisation and Ian66 called it yankieisation (or similar) on his blog earlier. It's sad because like Christmas it has become an excuse to sell pink or black plastic crap for 100 times it's real value and new bought costumes are A roasted chestnuts or jacket potatoes, just a tired excuse for loud, precocious kids to disturb the neighbourhood demanding much more than they's all crap, I'm not a miserable old git (much) but I do hate what is happening...and it seems they 'hate' the yanks (apparently) but kids are kids and the same shite occurs....ahhhggg!!!!!

Span Ows said...

Next time put a dog turd in their hand!...

Anonymous said...

so. this gossip then? What the hell is it and does the f word crop up?


Doktor Skum.

Anonymous said...

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