Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An occassional list of people I don't know, but currently enrich my life

It's struck me that people that influence me at any given time can be completely different from one month to the next and perhaps therefore don't get the credit they deserve in shaping me as a human being. So I thought I'd note them down today because it'll be interesting in the future. So today they are, in no particular order and with reasons why:

1. Erick Morillo (despite my main love being progressive house and trance this man uses a mixer like no one else. Deep chunky, funky, house that is more than enhanced through the use of a mixer as DJ mag says 'Filters, delays, special effects and loops aren't just buttons for Erick, they are the tools of his trade'

2. Keith Allen (massively talented and lives life without compromise. But above all he's completely true to his instinct)

3. Al Green (Soul's greatest voice, nuff said)

4. Gregory Isaacs (Much more than just Night Nurse listen to this)

5. Barack Obama (currently raising $1 million per day through private donations, here is a man that is at least attempting to take politics back to the people. Time will tell whether this man changes world politics, but I'm backing him for now)

6. Rossini (because having achieved financial security by the age of 32 he pretty much gave it all up and ate caviar and drank champagne for the rest of his life)

7. Michael Parkinson (Lily Allen)

8. Jules Holland (The only man who's managed to avoid the musical purge that the television industry appears to be trying to execute. Here's to hoping he gets an earlier slot)

9. Admiral Lord Nelson (Brave and more achieved in an eight year period of admiralty than I could ever hope for)

10. Caitlin Moran (she always makes me laugh and it's how I'd like to write)

11. Tom Wates (No I haven't spelt it wrong. He's the bloke that invented the non-fall off chair. He makes the list today, because he found a direct solution to a problem that pissed him off, rather than moaning about it)


Paul said...

Definition of an intellectual: Somebody who can whistle Rossini's William Tell Overture and not think of the Lone Ranger.

I'm a big fan of Keith's always have been really for the reasons you mention in your post about his book.

The Great Gildersleeve said...

Very true Paul.

Maybe I should try and come up with a list sometime. I t would be hard as it probably would change every so often.

Good to see Nelson on the list. A complicated man and probably full of faults. Some are afraid to mention a good old fashioned hero.

Forgetting that at the time he was right for that period in history and that we are now looking back on a time that we were not a part of and therefore are too critical.

That's why for all it's faults I won't condem necessarily everything that we did in the cause of the British Empire and...why do we castigate ourselves all the time? Does the Roman Empire? I suspect many countries over the years have had similar causes but are more likely to praise what they did.

Les Paul Junior said...

Hi Six,

Many thanks for your advice posted on my blog. You've given me quite a bit to think about!

That list of people is quite something.

Being an old fart I don't know what "trance" and "progressive house" are. Could you enlighten me?