Monday, February 11, 2008

Come on Amy!

So Amy Winehouse has won five Grammys. Go bird.

I'm not big into public displays of affection. I hate all that American style fakery, but if I'd been in the hall when her awards were announced I would have joined in chanting her name.

I've watched quite a few 'stars' blow up under the glare of the media, which has been omnipresent in my lifetime, but not until Amy Winehouse have I been moved to really care about them. I've always managed to see their problams as someone elses business, but Amy's different. Watching her get dragged through the papers, dealt so badly I feel like a blinded protective parent. 'Leave her the fuck alone. What's she done to you, you bastards?'.

For all those who say the grammy's are unwarranted because of her junkiness, it's a fools argument. She needs to know that it's her work she's known for first and that people love that enough to reward her for it. Take that away and all that's left is the condemnation of her drug taking and frankly why the hell should she care about that, she's at the bottom of a crack hole. Junkies are essentially reborn toddlers, entirely self absorbed and obsessed with one thing, the way you gradually change that behaviour is by praising the good things five times more than you condemn the bad things.

She's up there with Aretha for me in terms of my favourite singers and for me it's only 'I never loved a man' that tops Frank and Back to Black. I'm desperate for her to pull through her pain and come back fighting. I just can't stand watching her disappear into the crack hole she's dug around herself.

And I tell you what if she manages to come out of it, writes and records a third album, I've no doubt it'll go down as an all time classic.

Come on Amy! I know you don't know me but I'm pulling for you love. Take the carrot.

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Paul said...

I'm with you there, I blogged about her last year when she lost all that weight and looked more like a stick insect than the curvy woman we'd come to love. I like her records, not too keen on her stage antics but I guess you can't have one without the other.