Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm off to hospital on Tuesday

Haven't done this before, but wish me luck. It's my 9 month follow up since starting the Imatinib and for some reason I'm more nervous than I've ever been. I'm hoping to have fallen further towards remission. My progress so far has been:

Diagnosis 107%

3 months 8.75%

6 months 6.2%

If I'm honest although the last result was in the right direction I wanted it to be lower than 6.2%. I'll have blood taken on Tuesday so won't actually know the results until the end of the month.


Paul said...

I know you won't get the results for a month but I hope it all goes well on Tuesday. Fingers crossed.

Six Years Late said...

Cheers Paul

The Great Gildersleeve said...

I've been keeping an eye on you :-)

I hope all goes well and it's good to see how things have improved. I too hope this continues.

As for my condition, the worry is that I will fall in the category that either doesn't improve or treatment fails at some point.

On February 21st Mum's birthday I see the consultant and will be told if I carry on as I am or go back on steroids and Immune suppresent tablets.

I can accept that if it means I continue to avoid the worst scenario. I remain positive.

Span Ows said...

Hi Six...hope it goes well next week. (have you posted drafts that all appeared at once?...could have sworn I looked in a few times this week and not seen these posts)

Did you have a specific reason for hoping for less than 6.2? It's 25% less than the 3month reading.

Curmy said...

The best of luck Six !

Les Paul Junior said...

Hi Six,

Good luck for Tuesday! Let's hope it's your own "Super Tuesday".

Groan, I'll get my coat!

Lucy said...

Time has flown and its now the end of March; do you have the result of the blood test?