Thursday, July 20, 2006

Summertime and the living is easy

Wouldn't you love to be this carefree? What happens to that childhood happiness?


Lucy said...

I am Six I am!
Well when I put my mind to it I am any way.
Roll on August - when you're away it will be more natural.
Such eclectic music tastes, I didn't know you were a Jazz man.

Jane said...

Wow thats a great photo! you should get a dA page too.
I think im still that happy!

Six Years Late said...

Ahhh caught me out. I should have credited the photographer. My sister in law took it when she was down a couple of weeks ago.

Very glad to hear you're still that happy. That's a good place to be.

Lucy said...

Think too though how unhappy children can be as well though Six,
those tantrums that can last forever, they are good at letting it all out.
They just have less inbetween times than us, we get more balanced as we mature. But it is still important to have extreme moments.

Anonymous said...

Given the baby next door is screaming her head off (probably becavuse she's been given a silly name) and it's set the cats off and her poor mum is prrobably hitting the valium I'm not sure childhood is always that carefree.

But a cute pic.

Six Years Late said...

Misery guts

Curmy said...

What a beautiful photo, Six.
Children lose their childhood happiness when they watch News 24 !
ps both the kids next door are crying at the moment.

IsobelMagsBuchan said...

Six, it's the good times we remember. I recall childhood had its downs too. However don't start going all primal scream on us!!! Please!

Give yourself a pat on the back for having such a happy little fellow.

Gavin Corder said...

Oh how easily we forget! Barely a month has gone by since you were bemoaning how he had turned into the spawn of the devil with jelousy over Louis's arrival! Yet one look at his happy little face and all is forgiven.

That's Mother Nature's hardwiring of your brain, Dad! Clever, innit?

Anonymous said...

Your two boys are so different. Eben is just like you and Louis is like Nic, right down to his skin tone.

At the risk of freaking you out, we're reading you in Warrington as well. I once typed the word "glamourous" into google images and returned a picture of Warrington Bank Quay station, which rather made me chuckle. It was, of course, meant in an ironic way, and was part of a weblog owned by some pasty-looking London softie, which was par for the course.

(does Nic know that you have revealed so much personal information on this blog or am I being paranoid on her behalf?).

Span Ows said...

it goes with grow up and have more to worry about!

Concur re the pic - overt joy.

Six Years Late said...

Anonymous, I'm assuming is Ronnie. Hello. Yes it's set as my home page, so there's nowhere to hide.

We have had the should we post photos conversation, but we've agreed that if people really wanted to stalk us they could quite easily do it more simply than through this site.

Les Paul Junior said...

An excellent photo, Six.

I've got some good ones of my kids when they were little. They'd kill me if I put them on the internet, though!

Anonymous said...

No, it's not Ronnie. I get round to DIY far quicker than he does :)

Six Years Late said...

Ok anonymous, now I've made a tit of myself to my mother in law. In fact she probably thinks I'm now having an affair following this email exchange:

Subject: Are you ever really anonymous?

Me:Is it you then?

MiL: don't think so ........... but then again ............ maybe!!!

Me: Oooo. I’m a bit confused now. Did my message make any sense?

MiL: Not really!!!

Me: Ah right. Ignore my mad ramblings then. Pretend I never emailed you. I thought you’d sent something to me anonymously, sorry.

Oh God what do I do now?

Six Years Late said...

Ok, I've rung her and smoother it over.

Six Years Late said...

You're going to have to put me out of my misery now. I'm quite freaked out. Please don't say you just happened to stumble in here as well and if you did how????

Six Years Late said...

Simmo? (No you're in Manchester)

Is the DIY meant to be a clue. Ahhhhhhh!! Who does a lot of DIY?

Lucy said...

Being as its 'Anonymous' and the info given could easily have been gleaned from this blog it could be a regular having bit of fun Six.
- and its not me !

Kayfer Kettle said...

Great photo of your boy there six.

He looks like he's just got to the bottom after rolling down a hill!

K x

Anonymous said...

oh it's definitely not a regular

tee hee

I'll have to prove myself

your mother in law lives at number 2 and her name begins with A. The suburb she lives in begins with P.


who am I??

Anonymous said...

and how the hell did I stumble in here? (yes, I also stumbled in here - I have my own blog)

Six Years Late said...


Hang on did you visit Nic at Nottingham?

Does the Best wilson Ever mean anything to you?

Six Years Late said...

Lumme this is very weird.

Darren, it's Darren?

Anonymous said...

no, not Darren, but I know who you mean. He'd be busy giving injections right now, yes?

Anonymous said...

what's a wilson?

Six Years Late said...

Oh come on put me out of my misery. Come on. Or give me your blog URL at least come on.

Six Years Late said...

The wilson thing was a bit of a red herring.

Six Years Late said...

Hang on. Is it Joanne?

Anonymous said...

oh I can't bear your misery any longer, Mate!

Sarah. Who else would be blogging on a tuesday morning when there are far more productive things to do.

(Was going to call you "six" at Stephen's wedding to see how much it freaked you out, but have spoiled it for myself. Typical)

Six Years Late said...

Hellfire. How did you stumble in?

Anonymous said...

I started a blog and was randomly clicking on blogs in that tickertape thing to see what other people ramble on about.

So I clicked on yours.

Which was freaky.

Anonymous said...

and then I wondered whether I should tell Nic that I'd stumbled on it because it's like reading someone's diary.

Anyway, I haven't had time to read it all, as you will imagine.

But you do write very well and it's an enjoyable read.

But if you feel odd about it, I won't look at it again

Six Years Late said...

Oh no not at all, please feel free. It's not one of those anonymous online confessional things. It's not necessarily stuff that I'd talk about, which is why it's called the junk thought theorem. I did explain the rationale very early on. it's a bit long winded, but this is why I blog.

Come on then. What's yours called or is it one of those anonymous online confessional things?

By the way how did you know it was mine? Was there a photo you recognised? When did you find it? So many questions.

Six Years Late said...

Oh by the way. Your card to Nicky a couple of months ago, was absolutely inspired. I actually thought about scanning the little stories in and posting them up here. Come to think of it I may do it now. It could inspire some traffic your way.

vodka-and-coke said...

well I actually started three blogs but I forgot the password or username to the first two, so although I could access them, I couldn't contribute, which was very frustrating.

I knew it was your blog because one of the first things I saw was a picture of Eben. Must have been about a month ago.

So I sat there staring at the screen in a weird cyberspace moment.

Glad you liked the card. I started saving up all those little cuttings in an envelope in case I ever had an urge to live in Warrington forever. Reminded me of the Framley Examiner, and as Nic has bought it for me, I knew she'd appreciate the cuttings.

Link to my blog duly supplied via my real blog name. Names have been changed though.

Curmy said...

Six, I loved the piece you wrote on Mag's blog about how you proposed to your wife, I thought it was very funny and touching.

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