Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Chameleon Infestation

The Bugaboo Chameleon is a product that I have a complete inability to fathom. It's a pram come buggy at the basic price of £600. 600 quid. That's before you've bought any accessories. Now i'm told by owners that a) you can get it customised in any colour (extra cost £150, mind you they do it at the Aston Martin factory - I kid you not) or b) you can pull it across the sand - oh good that'll be useful for maybe 2 weeks in a year. Oh whoopee do, wow that's great, so that's why i can't walk down Northcote Road without bumping in to one.

Now the Porsche Cayenne is the car I see as the most over the top ridiculous waste of money on the road.

However, i kind of understand the appeal of a car, the bugaboo chameleon, just bloody annoys me. Why would you bother. It's useless beyond a year and a half. You can't have a second child in it. Why, why, why. It's getting to a stage now where I'm amazed you don't see more of them stolen. They hold their value amazingly well and they regularly pop up on e-bay, I wish people would start stealing them then maybe it'd put people off buying them.

The sad thing about it is I find myself uttering the words 'more money than sense' but the saying was never more apt.


Les Paul Junior said...

I'm no "car person" but you're not the first person I've heard with bad things to say about this particular car.

What were Porsche thinking of?

£600 for a baby buggy? Bloody hell!

Curmy said...

People who'd pay that for a baby buggy have got more money than sense !

Span Ows said...

They now do an even more OTT Cayenne S turbo...just in case they hit the kerb whilst parking or something.

I have found that owners (I know 2) have to insert the ownership credentials at every opportunity - that means they're show-offs and/or need people to tell them how they haven't wasted their money...

Gavin Corder said...

What are you thinking even looking at such items? Strap the pappoose the woman and send her back to her paddy field!

Baby carriages with wheels? Whatever next? Horseless carriages?

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