Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Unknowing pescatarian

It suddenly struck me last night that in the past month I have only eaten meat 6 times and of those, 4 times it was chicken or poultry. I think this is a direct result of switching to an entirely organic diet. We suddenly realised exactly how expensive meat should be, if it's raised properly and as a result started to get more creative.

We're eating a hell of a lot of fish, lots of sardines and mackrel and salmon, far more pulses, chickpeas and lentils have come to the fore and generally a lot more vegetarian food. I have to say I feel better now than I have done for many a year, but that's a whole other blog (which I am working on incidentally).

But it's odd how you can quite unwittingly almost become vegetarian. I eat fish in my sandwiches every day, so it's pescatarian really.

Have to say though writing this I'm salivating for Roast lamb, I'm definitely not going to become a witting vegetarian.


The [Cherry] Ride said...

I always think about trying to eat more fish, but then I get worried that I'll be eating lots of mercury.

jane said...

welcome to the world of a poor student. Although I am for more reasons than its just too expensive, I feel it would mean more meal planning than I care to or have time to do.

Rupe said...

Six, why don't you put up some recipes for me, lentils, chickpeas, pulses etc, I eat far too much meat, and also worry about the fish.

Just a couple, and I'd be very grateful. Don't ask me to get a veggie cookbook, can't stand them.

Six Years Late said...

Rupe I will dig a couple out, we have an outstanding lentil and aubergine curry and also spicy spinach and chickpea recipe that I'll post.

Funnily enough I recently rediscovered the cranks recipe book which had laid unopened since my student days, but it's got some corking stuff in there even if you aren't a veggie.

Les Paul Junior said...


The cranks recipe book : I hope you didn't mean The Krankies recipe book!

Seriously though your change in eating habits will benefit the kids enormously as I'm sure you know. The thing is, kids seem to have a natural propensity towards junk food but if you can educate them early it would be a great thing.

Rupe said...

Six, thanks very much.

I'll cook them as soon I get the ingredients.

The Great Gildersleeve said...

I'm not sure that I concienously decided to eat healthily. I believe that I always did(the dietician said diet played no part as did the consultant)but if predisposed to some medical problems(known or not known)even a healthy diet does not always help you remain healthy but it must help and its always better to eat as good a range of food as possible and I always believe everything in moderation.

But I think that you do stop and think more afterwards but I hope I never become obssessed with following all the advice given by all those experts out there such as Jamie Oliver.