Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Now the trouble really begins

Louis's crawling. Aaaahhhhhh. No, not aaaahhhhhh (well for the first few hours it was I admit).

There's plenty to say aaaahhhhhhh about with Louis. He's an absolutely joyful, little, snuffley animal is our Lou, but boy is he a determined little sod.

He's been trying to crawl for weeks now. If you've ever watched Terminator II you'll remember the scene, where they've pretty much destroyed the android. Blown it's legs off, stripped it of all it's outer flesh and still it drags it's torso along by it's robotic arms to reach it's objective. Bit like Lou, that is. He's a Thursday's child you see and therefore has far to go - well that's what Nic says - I just think he's a determined little sod.

So now we have two moving little missiles, both with random trajectories, one with the capacity to choke on small objects and one that has just started playing with an awful lot of small chokeable objects. Goodo.

What's worse is Nic says they're already starting to show signs of ganging up on her. By all accounts when she was at the sink washing up yesterday the two of them were sat eating tea and she suddenly realised they were both absolutely pissing themselves laughing at each other. She has no idea what they were laughing about and when she asked Eben, he responded with 'Nothing'. WHAT DO YOU MEAN NOTHING, YOU'RE THREE.

Ah well, only another 25 years to go.


Lucy said...

What a lovely update on the LO's.

Our youngest had that determined crawl. The Christmas tree was the target when he was just 5 months old.
I'm sure Louis will have a great future on the rugby pitch...

Paul said...

What a great photograph!

Six Years Late said...

It's not bad is it. It's off Nic's mobile. Those thing's have come a long way.

Rupe said...

Lovely picture Six.

Don't want to worry you, but when my son was a little bit older than your little one, he made his way into my bedroom, I thought everything was a bit too quiet.
He had opened drawers...unscrewed tops of perfume, lipstick, creams,
nail varnish and everythubg was smeared all over everything including his face. Everything nearbye, carpet..bed, and furniture was an amazing sight....how he achieved all that destruction so quickly was just unbelievable. I was gobsmacked, and thinking about it now, I still am.

jane said...

did you get my msg on dA that im not coming to london no more? was way expensive and the thing i wanted to go to didnt look as good as i thought it would be.
pictures like this make change my mind and think i may want one one day.

Six Years Late said...

Hey Jane I did get the message, I thought I'd replied. I don't know what it is with that site, but I feel like I've just started using the web, when I go on there such is my inability to operate the most basic of tasks.

By the way don't be fooled by the 2D representation. He screams, poos and laughs at us with his sibling.

jane said...

appearences can be disceptive. when i think about it for a few more seconds i remember how scared I am at having kids.
no, that site is difficult, ive had msgs not appear for months after they were posted.

Curmy said...

Ah, what a little Sweetie Six, he looks mischievous as well.You and your wife are going to be run off your feet for the next few years.
Does she REALLY want two more ?She's a braver woman than me !

IsobelMagsBuchan said...

LOL Six. My nine month old nephew has just started giving my brother and sister in law a taste of a real baby! My niece was a golden child so they never did find out what it was like to have a 'proper' baby crawling around ....until now. Oh joy! This little monster has already sucessfully pulled out those safety plugs that you put in the electrical sockets along with all the plugs etc.

They are just so totally adorable at that age of exploration, amazement and wonder even if you do get fed up with pulling them away from danger and saying no.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Ahem. Terminator, not Terminator 2.

Must pop off now - got a meeting of movie nerds annoymous to go to.

Sarnia said...

What a gorgeous little boy!

Rupe's and Mags'comments so apt. My cherubic 9 month old daughter managed to pull down the Christmas tree....