Wednesday, February 22, 2006

1,2,3 and relax...

No not the song by Europe. Nicky hit viable on Sunday so it could be any day now. Eben was 9 days early so there's every chance that this one will be as well. Nic's now at that stage where she just wants it out. The midwives came round yesterday and brought the home birth kit with them, which made it all seem quite real. It's just sitting there now tempting fate.

I have to say although she's pissed off with being pregnant Nic's really looking forward to the birth, she's at Active Birth Yoga tomight which always really sorts her out. She's almost qualified to teach herself now, so she loves being taught as it takes all the pressure out of it. Ebs was fairly simple, 8 hours of established labour and apart from being born in our toilet doorway, there were no complications whatsoever. I 'm really looking forward to it now as well, I've finally got to the stage at work where if it happened now I could drop everything, which frankly was my only stress so that's now out of the way.

So all in all an oasis of calm, breathe.


IsobelMagsBuchan said...

Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh, my very best wishes to the lady who is in for the final push. Mega push/pant thoughts are pulsing across cyberspace with a heavy dose of visualisation too...I found that very sucessful with my little one. Hope all goes well for the home birth.....brave lady!


flyingfinn said...

It may seem a bit insensitive, but aren't home births a bit messy? I mean you just redecorated.;-)

Lucy said...

Honestly you lot!
Brave? , messy.!
Home births are safer, calmer, alround better than hospital births.
What mess Finn, the midwives are pretty effecient.
Wishing you and Nic a wonderful day when it comes Six.
And, as much as I wanted a girl, if it is second boy the advantages are worth it.

Six Years Late said...

The home birth first time round was a bit of a safety mechanism for Nic. She had a brain anurism when she was 12 years old and despite being given the all clear she has a bit of a phobia about presure in her head, so the last thing she wanted to do was to be in hospital and being forced to birth on her back. So we made the decision that a home birth would take that stress away. i have to say it was a great experience, we were able to go out and walk outside and go to the supermarket all while she was in labour it was a bit surreal, but at the same time we had to giggle every time she had a contraction because she had steady herself against fence posts and all sorts.

Span Ows said...

Do you have a pool...all the better if you do!

Good luck!

My children were all caesarians...yes ALL four! despite what they say about only being 'allowed' 3, mainly because my ex had a heart murmur and they didn't want to risk stress and starin popping out the little ows's (heavy, big (??!!)little ows's!!)

...and I was born at home so it MUST be good!!!...;-)

Repeat the good luck and good health wishes.

flyingfinn said...
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Kayfer Kettle said...

How we doing Six?

Obviously still hanging on in there, but everyone still ready? Hot towels, fluffy water?

Best of all things to the four of you.

Can't wait to hear the news when it happens.

K xxxx

Anonymous said...

hell Mr six!

Skum here. I am barred from the BBC now. Mainly for suggesting "Backdoor beauty?" as a chat up line.

Hope you are all doing tikkety boo!

Hello to evryone else btw!

Anonymous said...

Hey Crispin

I'm going to assumne from your absence on the News boards that great things are happening. I hope they are.

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