Friday, November 25, 2005

How many bands can you spot?

This is quality. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Be warned however once you start you will be there for about half an hour.


Gavin Corder said...

I've got a bit of challenge going here
wanna help out?

Kayfer Kettle said...

I think I'm doing ok with this. I have a dozen or so.

I cannot get a single connection with the two royal looking folks in the forefront of the picture.

Help Six?????!!!!!!!!!!!

K x

Kayfer Kettle said...

I've put a dozen, I missed out the 'half a'!


K x

Gavin Corder said...

I've only got 8 - I am clearly a fool! And nope I can't do the Renaisance pair. Unless it's Shakespeare's Deranged Sister...

Gavin Corder said...
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Span Ows said...

oooh! what was deleted Six?...

You'll have to give me a bit of help as I don't seem to have a single one (no pun intended) I doing something wrong?

lucy said...

I think I can see 4.
My only suggestion for the Renaisance pair is the Sex Pistols .
when do we get the answers ?

missbonnielass said...

29 so far and a few other possibilities..

Span Ows said...


KK = 12
Gavin = 8
Lucy = 4
Span = 0
Missbonyarse = 29!!!! WTF! Well done!!!!

P.S. To repeat Lucy's question...when do we get the answers???

Six Years Late said...

I am very sorry to tell you that i don't have the definitive answer as it is an ongoing promotion.

I'm really, really, really sorry.

However I got 35. There are 72 I'd really like to crack this bastard so if you can add to this.

1. Gorrillaz
2. Guns and Roses
3. MatchBox 20
4. Alice in Chains
5. Kiss
6. Rolling Stones
7. Crowded House
8. Smashing Pumpkins
9. Scissor Sisters
10. Queen
11. Prince
12. Sex pistols
13. Lemonheads
14. U2
15. B52s
16. Led Zepplin
17. The Eagles
18. White Zombie
19. Black Flag
20. Beach Boys
21. The Eels
22. Dinosaur Junior
23. White Snake
24. 50 Cent
25. Television
26. White Zombie
27. Cars
28. Dead Kennedy’s
29. Hole
30. The Pixies
31. Cypress Hill
32. Red Hot chilli Peppers
33. Blur
34. Madonna
35. Tindersticks
36. The Police

There are a few what must be clues that I simply can't get. Namely:

1. The stone woman on the crossing
2. The Melon with sunglasses
3. The Spilt candy
4. The Spoon
5. The chopsticks
6. The acrobats
7. The girl with the bubble gum
8. The people on the roof
9. The 4 coloured panels up against the 10. wall at the back left
11. The blow up doll in the window
12. The couple against the pillar

Then there are a few that I have very tenuous answers for.

1. The Yellow bloke against the wall 'Yello'
2. The guys with the Guitar cases 'Blues Brothers'?
3. The letters 'BOO' down the wall on the right back - 'Boo radleys'
4. The purple wall at the back - 'Deep purple'?
5. The Cowboy - 'Texas'
6. The plant - 'Robert Plant'
7. The trash can on it's side - Trash Can Sinatras'
8. The Rat - 'Boomtown Rats'
9. The two crows on the sign ' Counting Crows

But having said all that that would still only give us 59, so there are another 13 clues. Aaaaaaarrrrrgh

By the way if you secretly get 72 then you can enter to win an MP3 player. I can't believe their disgusting filthy vral marketing worked:

missbonnielass said...

some others that may be there..
Iron Maiden ...on the crossing
Green Day ...on the calendar
Bee Gee's... written on the wall below U2..looks more like a G in close up.
Blind melon
Garbage ..for the rubbish bin
Blues Bros
Destiny's child ...the 3 girls
Talking heads...on the tv's
Deep Purple

not sure about these..

White or Blue Diamond?? ... there is a necklace on the ground bottom left
Lovin spoonful??
Nine Inch Nails ??
Black Hole??
Stone the crows, the black crows or your suggestion

missbonnielass said...

there is a rock indie band ...Spoon

missbonnielass said...

forgot Radio Head... man on the crossing in front of Iron Maiden ...

bit addictive

Six Years Late said...

Ah good work Miss Bonnielass

I think that's 13 more which takes us up to 49.

Only 23 to go.

You just know we're going to get 70 and not be able to get the last 2.

Lucy said...

So you think I was right with sex pistols :) :) :)
No one's said the Rolling Stones yet !!

Six Years Late said...

Yeah I think you're right Lucy, but I did say Rolling Stones. Sorry.

missbonnielass said...

Last thoughts for now ..

The Doors..those panels you mentioned
The Shadows ...a few of them about
Tatu ...the 2 girls kissing ..weren't they supposed to be lesbians as well as the Kiss which is already mentioned.

Six Years Late said...

I have a feeling that Virgin Digital may have dug themselves a bit of a hole on this one. I bet they get all sorts of people spotting stuff that they didn't mean to be there.

Anonymous said...

Oops, so you did 6.
How about Fairground attraction for the goldfish ?

Lucy said...

Oops that was Me, Lucy Up there .

Six Years Late said...

Cowboy Junkies

Gavin Corder said...

Sweets = Eminem?

missbonnielass said...

well I got off my 'bony arse' to quote another comment-ator and visited the site you mentioned seems you cut the pic a little to exclude such bands as Pet Shop Boys .. and by today the competition is closed ...ohhhh well did I want another MP3 player anyway !!!! ;)
Just out of interest have you reached 72 yet ??? :)
what about Pink ... the sky seems to be just that.

missbonnielass said...

struggling, scrapping the barrel ...but
Wings or maybe Angels
Average White Band ..who are those guys in white?
Dexy's Midnight Runner ..only because the guy leaning on the lamp post looks like him.
Blondie ..the girl with the bubble gum.

Kayfer Kettle said...

I completely and totally and utterly take off my cap and doff it for Miss Bonnie Lass!

For she is a goddess, no?

K x

missbonnielass said...

White Stripes .... the zebra crossing
Monkey Beat ... they aren't all gorillas

thank you Kayfer Kettle

Ken Crabshaw v2.0 said...

36 at first go.

A few doubts though -

I had the one on the crossing as a stone Queen (Queens of the Stone Age) rather than an Iron Maiden.

Hammer (in hands of man Smashing Pumpkins).

9 Inch Nails (in pile in foreground)

Mountain (in background)

Pink Fairies


Black Crows (on signpost)

John Cougar Mellancamp (Melon in sunglasses)

Loving Spoonful (giant spoon)

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