Monday, November 28, 2005

Blog hijacking

Heard a very interesting piece on the Julian Worricker show yesterday. I like Worricker, but don't really get to listen to him that often, as we're normally off out doing something on a Sunday.

Anyway, he had what I suppose you'd call a Sunday review section with 3 guests, none of whose names I caught (jesus this is flimsy isn't it - my friend knew this bloke down a pub, who had a mate...). Cough. start again. Worriker had Tim Worstall on, author of '2005 Blogged: Dispatches from the Blogosphere'. Basically he's charted UK blogs through the year chronologically event by event. It's interesting enough, despite the fact - as someone pointed out - a book seems like an odd medium to conduct his review.

What really pissed me off though was the sniffy journalistic discussion that went on afterwards. It basically took the line - 'oh, well it's all very well these bloggers with their news sites, but you have to realise that it's completely unverified opinion, no one cross-checks the facts.' then there was the tangent 'oh and of course there's an awful lot of flim flam (paraphrased)'

Well fuck you, whoever you ivory tower teeterers were:

First - no one thinks that one source of info. is necessarily the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The reason however that we're here is that we can post what we like, at our own risk and if people choose to come and read, then they can believe what they want to. We know we're not immune to libel laws. In short we're not fucking stupid, how dare you treat us as if you are the media gods.

Second - not all of us are frustrated journalists. I'm not going to be restricted by some sort of amateur journalistic integrity. I'll carry on with the flim-flam and every once in a while I'll post something serious. And guess what it'll be my opinion and whoever comes to read it will take it to be that (I hope).

So on that note as a little test. Can I ask anyone who reads this to go out and punch the next person they see. Please report back, I'm interested to find out if I really do have a cultish following of drones.


Kayfer Kettle said...

Well bloody said Six!

It really does nark me when evrything is approached and fed to us like we are completely dopey.

For the study though, I did go and politely ask a neighbour to stop her dogs barking. Does that count me in?

K x

The Great Simpleton said...

My wife's got a the house full of friends (known as the coven by my son and I) so I had better not test ypur theory as I'm already in the dog house!

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