Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm in remission - which is nice

I went to the doctor for the results of my month 12 check up and found
out I'd reached molecular remission. News I'd been hoping desperately
for and which when delivered left me completely cold. In fact more than
cold the news left me bizarrely flat.

Apparently it's a very common phenomenon and for a wide variety of reasons; you've been the centre of attention and now everyone says 'that's fantastic, wellI'll get on with things now'; having had the attention of doctors, consultants, clinical nurse specialists, trialists, counsellors, fellow patients and on and on, they all suddenly move on and your left to get back on with your life; having decided to live
your life without limits and without regrets suddenly you're back with
a normal lifespan out ahead of you rather than a life that may end any
time now.

For me I think it's more complicated, the drug I'm on in all it's wonderful wonderousness, is an inhibitor. That means that it stops the process of mutation of
the disease. What the drug doesn't do is kill the cancer so that it
never comes back, or at least gives you a damn good chance of it not
coming back. So the disease is still there - but it's under control. So
for me remission could just be a stopgap.

Anyway a week on I do feel positive, not ultra positive but positive none the less. I guess one of my problems is that I have a very even personality, the diagnosis never really hit me that hard, so why should it be that the really positive prognosis
make me feel any more euphoric.

As I said at the start. I'm in remission - which is nice.


Lucy said...

Well thats very nice to hear.
You sure picked a good time to get Leukemia, just as they go and find an excellent a treatment.
I remember a year or so ago, when you were constantly ill, i wrote a comment re 'you should get yourself to a Dr. this ain't quite right'. But then thought better of it and deleted it - I was being too mumsy.
I was stunned when the underlying reason for it all was revealed. But now very releaved and happy for you all.

Span Ows said...

Well done Six...I may be a lucky bastard sometimes but I bet it's nothing compared to what must be a relief for you (you said you felt flat but that flat is probably the level ground above the deep depths you were sometimes in)

Great news.

P.S. No I'm no being nasty or implying he's a lucky bastard!...Six knows what I mean...although there could be some truth in it!

Paul said...

That's fantastic news Six, I hope you and your family are all well and sharing such positive times.

bernard n. shull said...

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Les Paul Junior said...

Hi, Six,

Brilliant news! I hope Nic and the boys are well: have you marked this good news with any type of celebration? I reckon you should all go out for a slap-up meal: I would!

Curmy said...

Excellent news Six, I'm so pleased for you (Hugs)

IsobelBuchan said...

Good news Six and I am happy for you and your family.


Six Years Late said...

Thank you everybody. You'll be pleased to know that I'm very much more positive about things after my initial down.

Shy that Slap up meal thing is exactly what I did with my best friends, we all had a brilliant time.