Monday, January 07, 2008

My New Year's resolutions

1. Start writing more on here again, my lovely neglected blog

2. Treat my friendships with the care they deserve

3. Say less things for effect and more things because I mean them

4. Write things down in my diary

5. Buy a diary

6. Don't lose my temper with Eben because something else is annoying me

7. Put things back where they belong, not on the nearest available surface

8. Clean my bike as soon as I get back, not when the mud's dried on solid

9. Stop saying 'I'm doing a triathlon next year'

10. Stay happy

Happy New Year everyone.


Paul said...

Number 6, Six.

The curse of all working fathers, you want to spend time with your children and then feel guilty because you come home tired and then snap at them. I've been as guilty of that as anybody and I'm trying to stoip doing it. I just have to remember that whilst what happens at work affects me it's not Nathalie's fault so she shouldn't suffer.

Agreee with numbers 8 and 10.

Anonymous said...

1. Good
2. just blame it on the single sex school.
3. effect can be good
4. put a reminder on your phone
5. it'll get lost by feb
6. hard one
7. ouch
8. a power hose is fun, the boys will do it for you
9. :(
10. :)

Anonymous said...

Not meant to be anonymous...

Les Paul Junior said...

Happy New Year, Six.

I kept a diary in 2004. When I read through it at the end of that year I discovered what my wife has been telling me for years. I'm a miserable bastard!