Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Galacticoldies

I've enjoyed watching the Galacticos this world cup, it's like watching a vets game. The brilliant touches are still there but you only see them once or twice a game.

1. Thank God Ronaldo was threaded that ball on 5 minutes, do you think he'd have done the same on 85?
2. Zidane could have spun for France's 3rd against Spain in his sleep. Frankly they could play him when he's 95 and if he hobbled into that position on the field and got the ball threaded that's what he'd do
3. David Beckham, thank God he can still hit a ball that isn't moving, becuase if he couldn't then we'd all have to stop having the should we shouldn't we drop him discussion (we should)
4. Figo had the sense to butt his opponent in the face when he knew that alL the officials were caught up with other things - only 126 years experience allowed him to stay on the field
5. Raul - well what can we say - I think probably thank goodness spain have Villa and Torres coming through their ranks
6. And finally. when are Brazil going to tell Carlos to stop taking free kicks. I'm sick of listening to commentators reminisce and then having to watch a ball boy run to the corner flag or climb into the 48th row to pick a ball out of the crowd.


Anonymous said...

Mind you Cafu's not bad for someone nearly as old as me . . .

Actually I think you;re being unfairr on Becks - hes going to come goodd next game with Neville backing him up.

And Ronaldo is looking better and better now. He always was a porky git - he prroblem Brazil have isn;t him it's Roberto Carlos and Adriano mainly.

Paul said...

I did like the comment during one of Brazil's games by the 5Live commentator as Roberto Carlose stepped up to frighten the small lad in row Z. "You do realise that Roberto Carlos has only ever scored one free kick?"


Greywolf said...

I love the picture of Ronaldo with blurred legs and feet, looking rather like Roadrunner. Meep Meep!!

The old Ronaldo probably could run as fast as the photo implies. The present one would have a job staying neck and neck with a sack of potatoes.

Sorry to learn of your illness. Wishing you well.

Greywolf / GW

Anonymous said...

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