Sunday, March 12, 2006

Meanwhile in South Africa

While we try our best to throw away a great position in India the South Africans have just won the first one day series against the Australians that anyone has managed in 4 years. Finishing with a match that has been described as the 'greatest one dayer in history'. Hats off to Herschelle Gibbs who scored a massive 175. He was on for the first double ton in one day history but holed out in the the 32nd. What I would have given to see 872 runs scored in a day.


fec said...

Yup, it's been the most hectic day I've ever spent on the sofa.

Wake up at 4 to watch the test, then watch the F1, then the greatest ODI ever then the worst English rugby performance for a decade, and I just managed to catch Gerrard setting Henry up for the winner at Highbury.

It seems to me that the first fundamental change that 20/20 cricket has made to the 50 over format is that length balls are no longer good balls, and are liable to get heaved over mid wicket.


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