Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hats off Mr. Dravid in your 100th test

In an era of power play and increasing run rates you sometimes forget Rahul Dravid when naming the current best cricketers in the world. But ask any cricket fan and they will be sure to tell you that when Dravid comes to the crease you hope to get him early, because if he gets through the first few balls, he could be there 3 days later. The man has stickability beyond anyone else in world cricket. Of course his achievments will always be overshadowed by his teammate Tendulkar's extraordinary parallel career, however Dravid I would wager will end with a higher average (currently 58.16) and one of the highest ever to have been recorded. Rahul you're a legend and I bow down to you sir.


fec said...

i'm not sure whether he deserves more congratulations for reaching this milestone or for putting us in to bat. either way, hats off as you say.

David Citizen of the world said...

Many congratulations to Dravid. That decision to put us oin was superb.

Anonymous said...

Hello six, hello to david too.

I just thought i'd let you know i have been barred from R5 just as i was getting going on the molten steel rubbish. I had brief lives as mistertouch and thepoweroflove but it looks like theyt did't appreciate me linking to a picture of big blacks songs about fucking album or my reference to throwing a big party when thatcher dies. Or for that matter refferring to one of cogers lot as a "black shirt".

You can't win!



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