Sunday, December 25, 2005

My perfect son

OK. I know I know I'm biased, but he gave us one of those heart in the mouth moments this morning. As we suspected we'd bought too many presents (must remember to have the same conversation next year than completely ignore it when we go shopping). We had got half way through opening and he was bored and just wanted to play. He was sat on the other side of the room playing with a fork lift truck, we were chatting and then completely out of the blue he raised his head from the truck and exclaimed 'Best thing in the whole wide world'. Anyway, once we'd wiped the tears from our eyes we had the most lovely day and he was extraordinarly well behaved considering how dull 12 adults sitting having dinner for 3 hours must be, when you have mountains of presents to play with.


Les Paul Junior said...

Kids do this on a fairly regular basis, don't they? (Well, it seems like that!) I've got four and I wouldn't swap them for anyrhing.

Kayfer Kettle said...

I know I shouldn't, as it will come fast enough, but I really do look forward to the day that I am either a mummy again, or a granny!

Having children around at Christmas is just the best, and you have so much more ahead of this wonderful stuff, that for the moment I can only envy you both, and look back at my own sweet son's Christmases past, as the best of times.

How long until Bubba no 2 makes their debut Six?

K x

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