Sunday, December 11, 2005


Well no, it turns out it wasn't. I woke up with a start at 6.04 (digital clock) this morning because the bed shook. My immediate thought was earthquake and then I thought that a car had crashed in to the house (I was half asleep, you get paranoid).

When Nic woke up I told her I thought I felt an earthquake and she made some lame joke about nothing happening for her (haha), and I made up a lie about Britain suffering the most earthquakes of anywhere in the world, which she ignored. I don't know why I do the pointless lies thing I really don't, (Note to self; post something about pointless lies phenomenon) I suppose I find it amusing.

Anyway, at breakfast, I switched on the radio and it turns out there was an oil refinery explosion at the exact time I woke up. But it's in bleeding Hemel Hempstead which is about 30 miles away. Can this be right? Well by the looks of things it could be. It must have been huge.


IsobelMagsBuchan said...

That brings back memories, Six. The so called Dudley earthquake that hit in 2002. We live about 20 miles away from Dudley, but the earth defintely moved that night!

We were asleep, when a dreadully loud rumbling woke me up. I felt the bed move slightly and all the pictures and mirrors were rattling away. I sat up and it all stopped. I got up, wandered downstairs just to check that it wasn't a burglar or something and noticed that there were a lot of lights going on down the road. Went back to bed where Mr Mags grumbles from underneath the duvet, "what's up with you". I replied that I thought we had just had an earthquake. He told me not to be so stupid, that we don't have earthquakes and that he would eat his hat if it had in fact happened and to get back in bed!

Next morning, turn on the radio and lo and behold, there had been an earthquake. I did serve an old hat for Mr Mags's dinner that evening.

Anonymous said...

You do the pointless lying thing too ? I saw a statistic once that apparently 53 % of men and 41 % of women engage in pointless lying as a defence mechanism. It's higher in men than women becauase of the number of times we have to say - yes you look lovely in that skirt / top / hat / , when what we really want to say is 'hurry up we should have been there already'.

Kayfer Kettle said...

Oooh Six you little liar! LOL!

If she'd just given a bit more of the attention the moment deserved, there'd have been no need to lie pointlessly would there?

I blame Nic.

K x

Anonymous said...

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