Friday, August 03, 2007

Things to do in the airport when you're bored

Right so here I am it's 7.30ish and my flight to Edinburgh has been delayed by 4 hours. I'm currently an hour and half into my delay and I'm quickly running out of things to do.

I've read:

- The Times
- The Telegraph
- Half of Private Eye

But for some reason I just can't get into reading when I'm in this kind of halfway purgatory. Now time was that I'd go to the Oyster bar and get pissed on champagne but a) the fucking oyster bar's gone and b) I can't drink on these bloody pills becuase they make me feel like shit (That's a whole other post)

So here I am sitting in a departure lounge that's emptying around me gradually, trying to play beat the clock on the pay for internet. (I'm not paying more than £2 for this). I now know how Span must feel in his far flung lounges tapping away. Yes I know you don't do that Span, it's just i'm trying to mthink of things.

Right off to Facebook now.

Aaaarrrrrghhhh!! I'm trapped in internet hell.

1 comment:

Span Ows said...

...oh but I do do that Six! (do do?)

Funnily enough I probably get more exercise wandering around airports than anything else!...yes. ANYTHING else :-)