Friday, November 24, 2006

Mohammad Yousuf fails

Mohammad Yousuf failed today to post his favourite recent score. Having posted 192 runs in two out of his last three matches he fell one short and just managed 191 yesterday. Absolutely pathetic, the bloke's useless.

By the way there is a post brewing about the discipline that adherence and conversion to Islam appears to have on cricket players, which cannot go uncommented on when talking about Yousuf, however I might leave that for today

Just as a note it's interesting to point out that three of the world's top four batsmen at present, Ponting, Lara and Yousuf all scored near to or actual double tons in the past four days. What I'd give for the consistency of any of them. Despite Pietersen's undoubted talent, I still don't trust him when he walks to the wicket. He might score 300 tomorrow, wouldn't mean I'd trust him any more the next time he walks to the middle.


Paul said...

I don't want to sound unpatriotic but as a cricket fan I love the way Yousuf plays. For me as an armchair spectator for most of the year Yousuf, Damien Martyn and Shane Warne are three great reasons for subscribing to SKY.

I agree about Pietersen, it really annoyed me during the first hours play that whilst Harmy, Anderson and Hoggard were being hit all over Brisbane he kept worrying about his bloody knee (literally). You don't show the Aussie's you're hurt.

ja said...

He's a rock, totally dependable. Had it not been for his knock in the second test (second innings), the West Indies would have most probably squared the series with one test to play. I'm not convinced by the religious argument which implies that it alone can boost your performances, but talent and skill allied with some form of belief (be it religious, spiritual, sport psychology) can be beneficial imo.

Paul said...

Hi Ja, you're right about psychology - I remember a golfer (either Nicklaus or Watson) saying the longest distance on a golf course was the one between your ears.

I saw a programme on Michael Johnson recently filmed during his training for Sydney 2000, he said that too many people spent too much time focusing on opponents and not enough time concentrating on what you were supposed to be doing - he said he'd never believed in visualisation because if he was too slow no amount of thinking himself across the line first would help - as it was he usuallay got there first anyway!

ja said...

Hi Paul. Those are very good examples, certainly with golf it seems the mental state of a player is equally as important as their golf playing ability.

p.s. Paul and Six, Is it ok If I place links to your blogs on mine, vice versa if you wish ( I'd like to post on both of your's. Thanks.

Lucy said...

Woke up thinking about the film 'Chariots of Fire' Have you seen it? It deals with belief in God being a motivating force.
Hope all is going well, its not the same without you here!

Herry said...

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